We are your African Dance Studio & workshops of excellence!

Have confidence in diversity to fully live your new adventure and extraordinary African experience.

AfroMoodBrlgium is :

Your African Experience at school?

We adapt with pleasure all our workshops according to age, physical condition, events like Team Building, privat & public events ...

To try is to adopt it.

AfroMood brings the modern African touch to all communities .

Come and discover our ManziStyle brand.

Manzi means Heart in Kikongo (one of the many languages ​​of Congo).

ManziStyle = The style of the heart because our accessories are made with love and by hand.

We make each accessory according to our heart and our inspiration of the moment.

We obviously make a point of honor to the African touch but accessible for all the cultures of this world.

We take our time for each creation and customization.

We do not produce or sell to the chain. Love takes time 🙌🏾❤️

We sell what we create.

From handmade jewelry , bags, sportswear...

We Are Your ManzyStyle.

Workshops in a family atmosphere that will make you constantly want to smile and laugh.

Connecting with the world around us offers us the most beautiful of cultural riches and extraordinary freedom of mind.