"AfroTolia" African Food Workshop

Afro=African *Tolia is the word from one of the languages of the Congo which means let's eat. AfroTolia= Let’s eat African.

An African cooking workshop with a variety of dishes to the choice of an African country.

• In groups of min 2 till 20 pers for individuals

• In groups of min 4 till 20 pers. for companies

*AfroTolia will show you how to cook with real African ingredients the traditional menus.


1. Menu "Na Lingui Yo" 



2. Menu "Sweet/salty fusion"


Sweet/salty fusion



3. Menu "Elengui"


Plantin banaanVeal BallsPondu/KasavaElengui Menu
4. Menu "Tukudia"
Tukudia Menu